Second batch of orders closes on the 29th OF MAY :) So, please send in your orders ASAP! It'll take about 10-14 days for the items from this batch to arrive.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

We'll be back!

Dear Pitstoppers,

We would like to inform our beloved customers that we'll be going on a mini hiatus from today onwards due to final exams. BUT don't fret, because we'll be back in the fashion scene in no time which will be on the 15th of October!

We're also very happy to say that our first ever cleareance sale went on well. We still have 2 items up for grabs (Gaga Inspired Top & the Dark Blue Vest) and if you decide to get any of those items, we'll try to respond to your order immediately.

For now, we bid goodbye and please don't miss us too much. HEHE :)

Fashion Pitstop x